The EFOR network is delighted to announce its 6th annual meeting, organized in collaboration with the EMBRC-France infrastructure ( 9th - 10th of March 2015).

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Four thematic sessions will be held on the first day (March 9th):
- Models for studying Ecology (EMBRC-France joint workshop)
- Models for studying neurodegenerative diseases Afternoon
- Calcium imaging
- CRISP-R/Cas9 system

The second day is devoted to parallel workshops, each dedicated to a model or a class of models (March 10th):

- Zebrafish,
- Xenopus,
- Non-Human Primates,
- Farm mammals,
- Marine Metazoa (EMBRC-France joint workshop),
- Arabidopsis thaliana and Friends,
- Algae (EMBRC-France joint workshop),

Finally, on March, 11th, a specific EMBRC-France workshop on Vibrio will be held.
 9th - 10th of March 2015
30 Rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris
8th annual meeting EFOR network, May 2nd and 3rd 2017
2nd - 3rd of May 2017
EFOR - Réseau d'´Étude Fonctionnelle chez les ORganismes modèles
Colloque OPAL : Place des méthodes de remplacement en expérimentation biologique
New plasmids for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knock-in in zebrafish
The CRISPR Revolution
Place alternative methods in biological experimentation
Guidance on the environmental risk assessment of genetically modified animals
CRISPR Cas9: A novel approach to genetic engineering
Fish brain successfully transparized (clarity method) by the Tefor Core Facility
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